Christopher Gallego, American, b. 1959, Egg and Green Bowl, 2007, Oil on board, 5 x 6 in., Sold

Six rules every artist should ignore

Rules aren’t meant to be broken. They’re meant to be challenged whenever a better solution arises.

Christopher Gallego Blog Post | Why don't we fit in?

Why don’t we fit in?

Art that tries to offend no one is the visual equivalent of elevator music. Art that emanates from your soul will be loved…and hated.

painting perceptions interview

November 1, 2012, edited Larry Groff, Editor, Painting Perceptions I’d like to thank Christopher Gallego for taking the time to share his thoughts on painting in our recent email interview. Mr. Gallego studied at the National Academy of Design in New York and teaches workshops in New York area. He has shown with OK Harris Works of Art, Hirschl & Adler Modern, Seraphin Gallery, the New […]