Christopher Gallego, Teapot, 1997, Oil on board, 9 x 12 in., Private Collection

Private mentorships are for up and coming painters who are serious about their art.

Whether you're eager for some new tools, or want to exhibit but don't know how to start, these tutorials will jump-start your painting & career.Artist: Christopher Gallego,

Strengthening your powers of observation allows you to paint with elegance and ease.
And these classes are all about observation.

It's why I describe painting as an inside game. Technique - alla prima, glazing, of knife painting, is the fun part.

Classes may be purchased individually or in groups

In-person mentoring
$159 for 2 hour class, NYC area

Skype, Facetime, or by phone
$65 for one hour (I'll review your work in advance).

Topics covered
Advancing and receding forms
Editing, reworking, & finishing
Beginning or revitalizing your art career

All of my current students are exhibiting & selling.

Want to know more?
Email me some images of your work.
I'll review them and give you my thoughts, no obligation.

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