Christopher Gallego
Plein-Air Workshop

Suggested List of Materials

Portable Easel

Old Holland & Blockx Oils
Titanium or Flake White #2
Naples Yellow (Bloxx)
Yellow Ochre Light
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red Light
Sap Green
Ultramarine Blue Deep
Ivory Black
Raw Umber

Blocks oils recommended for Naples Yellow only
Oil Holland recommended for all the rest

Gamsol + Stand Oil
I'll explain how to combine them

Robert Simmons Bristle Filberts:
#2,4,8,10 (at least two of each, the more the better)

Palette Knife, medium-size triangular shaped

Wood Palette

Stretched canvases or boards, 9 x 12, 11x 14 or 14 x17
(Four total-one for am, one for pm, and backups in case the weather changes)

Toning or grounding the canvas
To be done in advance of class

Dampen the canvas surface with Gamsol
Mix equal parts of Ivory Black and Burnt sienna
Spread small amount of paint mixture around the canvas
Wet a cotton cloth with Gamsol
Scrub the paint into the canvas surface with the dampened cloth.
Use bold strokes and let the color be uneven & transparent.
Tone should be a warm, medium-light grey

Let dry for at least 48 hrs.

Metal Medium Cups
Paper Towels
Small Plastic Bag (for trash)