Manet, Cezanne, Oceans, and a Pear
Spring, 2020

Thank You for joining our class!

This is a mixed-level class with experience ranging from intermediate to professional. Go at your own pace and remember, everyone learns from everyone!

We’re using oils for painting and charcoal and graphite for drawing. A List of Materials is available HERE.

There’s a lecture each Wednesday with a slide presentation and video demonstrations. Thursday evenings we look at student work.

Weekly assignments are suggested each Thursday, due the following Thursday. You’re welcome, however, to submit any work you like for class discussion (with the exception of commissioned works.)

Conversation is welcome, so feel free to speak up and ask questions.
The more we hear from you the more we can help.

Anita Clipston, Garlic Clove


Paint with your eyes, your mind, and your intuition. Connect with your subject.

Get in over your head and take on bigger challenges.

Think abstractly. Don’t attach a name to the things you paint.

Focus on the process more than the outcome.

Watch your state of mind while you work.

Have fun and give it some feeling!



Christopher Gallego, American Realist Painter & Draftsman, images, bio page

Christopher Gallego, Instructor

Christopher Gallego studied at the School of Visual Arts, the National Academy School of Fine Arts, and the Art Students League of New York with Jack Faragasso, Harvey Dinnerstein, and Ronald Sherr. He was class monitor for three of his four years as a student.

He has received fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and a major cash prize from the Rathbone Family of Art Historians.

Exhibitions include OK Harris Works of Art, Hirschl & Adler Modern, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, and the Rockefeller Fund.

He has taught live classes and workshops since 1992 and online classes since 2015.
Gallego’s blog posts are read by tens of thousands of artists and non-artists worldwide.

He lives and works in Saratoga County, New York.


Anita ClipstonTA, Class Monitor

Art has always been an integral part of who I am as a person, I have lived life with a restless creativity that flows through me. I think there is an inquisitiveness, a wanting to understand the world through the art of creation. As a young child, I would sit with my father and draw, paint, and make things, always questioning, always wanting to know, how do you do that? These skills have carried through my life’s journey and have come full circle, now teaching my father the new techniques that I have learned along the way.

This journey was inspired by my Father’s love of art, it is what started me drawing, and fell in love with art and creating images with anything I could lay my hands on: pencils, paint, cameras, and eventually computers.

I feel, especially in Art, one’s imagination is allowed to grow and flourish and be nurtured. I believe imagination and the love of learning should always be present in our lives, and that this will make us more fulfilled and happier. Art as a healing tool is something I feel is so important.
I have a very eclectic set of skills, having worked in Film, Animation and theatre, both in traditional and digital, but they have served me well along the way, and they are all very much interconnected. They have allowed me to develop a unique artistic vision, and that’s what I would like to achieve for my students: a multi-disciplinary artistic education to fuel creativity and a love for learning to last a lifetime.

I feel very fortunate to have had the support of some amazing mentors along my pathway who are also amazing artists and amazing human beings, and I deeply believe that’s not by coincidence. I feel we channel creativity within ourselves through the act of learning, and more importantly, teaching.

Having the chance to become a mentor myself, and to pass on all that I’ve learned along the way has been one of my lifetime goals and a journey I am looking forward to continuing from its small beginnings.