Blick Art Materials

Christopher Gallego, Artist: Recommended Suppliers

Blick is a favorite for painters.
You can get just about everything you need online, ordering is quick and easy, and they have some awesome deals.

Website Creation: WordPress

Wordpress, Recommended by Christopher Gallego

WordPress is simply the best. You can get a beautiful, free, out-of-the-box website, or upgrade a step or two for something more customizable. It's easy to learn and fun to work with. Sometimes a little too much fun, and could take you away from painting.

They're offering a 20% discount for all orders made in July —just enter coupon code DISCOUNT20.

Web Hosting: Siteground

For self-hosted sites, if you want more options and are a little more techie.

Siteground– Recommended by Christopher Gallego

I love working with the guys at Siteground–a young, Bulgaria-based web-hosting company. Wonderful customer service, they're easy to reach, and polite in answering even the dumbest questions. You can choose from a number of plans to suit your needs and wallet.

*The above are Affiliate Links, which means I receive a few dollars for purchases made after clicking from this site. I wouldn't recommend these companies if I didn't trust and use them myself.