Should You Dump Your Job and Paint Full Time?

Red Bartlett Pear  Oil on board, 6 x 7 in. Christopher Gallego April 12, 2019    6 Comments Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The ultimate dream job. A job where you paint all day, travel whenever you want and are adored by thousands of fans. And you can even make a little money at it too. What a completely idyllic lifestyle. It […]

Christopher Gallego Blog Post | Why don't we fit in?

Why don’t we fit in?

Art that tries to offend no one is the visual equivalent of elevator music. Art that emanates from your soul will be loved…and hated.

Mid-Career & Middle-Age

There’s always that little bit of visual bias living inside you and making mischief, usually at the most inconvenient time. It’s important to know it’s there, embrace it, and then learn the tricks to override it.

Stop Worrying

Artists are a particularly worrisome bunch. We worry about everything,”Is my work good enough, will it be seen and appreciated, am I making any progress, will lesser talents get more recognition, can I ever measure up to the great masters?”