Five Dumb Mistakes to Avoid in Your Art Career

Christopher Gallego June 7, 2019   12 Comments The things we most regret in life are the things we never tried. Boy, do I disagree with that one. Disagree because the older I get, the more I lament over the moronic, humiliating, sometimes devastating blunders I committed as a young artist. Things that I never should have tried but did anyway, emboldened by the rationale, Ah, […]

"How dare you not love my art."

The less time spent dwelling on a work in progress the more emotionally detached you become and the internal and external critics lose their power.

Stop Worrying

Artists are a particularly worrisome bunch. We worry about everything,”Is my work good enough, will it be seen and appreciated, am I making any progress, will lesser talents get more recognition, can I ever measure up to the great masters?”